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Clawson Greens, a hydroponic farm located in Tetonia, Idaho, offers locally grown clean greens year-round to Teton Valley and Jackson Wyoming.  The “farm” is actually a re-purposed shipping container driven by state-of-the-art technology.  The system generates a climate-controlled environment, with efficient LED lighting, automated watering and optimized plant nutrition to allow Clawson Greens to grow clean greens 365 days a year.  

Meet Your Farmer 🌱🌱 Dave Ridill is the


Currently, Clawson Greens product can be found at the following local businesses:

  • The Royal Wolf - Driggs

  • Hand Fire Pizza- Jackson

  • Warbirds Cafe - Driggs

  • Huntsman Spring- Driggs

  • Forage Bistro and Lounge- Driggs

  • Citizen 33- Driggs

  • Grand Targhee Resort- Alta

  • The Phoenix and the Dragon- Jackson

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With a focus on sustainability, the Clawson Greens business model provides a range of environmental benefits.

  • With a footprint of only 320 square feet, the containers are able to produce the equivalent of 1-1.5 acres of farmland.

  • The unit has a closed-loop watering system that uses 90% LESS water than traditional farming.

  • The farm uses no pesticides, herbicides or other agrochemicals.

  • The hyper-local greens offer a significantly reduced carbon footprint over the typical supply-chain model that requires transporting goods hundreds of miles.

  • Clawson Greens only uses non-GMO seeds.


At Clawson Greens we specialize in premium leafy greens.  Some of the varieties that we are currently growing include:

  • Bambi Bibb

  • Salanova Butterhead

  • Cherokee Summercrisp

  • Truchas Romaine

  • Rainbow Swiss Chard

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